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About the program ...

Best 100 Places To Work is part of the Best Of Programs concept available from Nerus Strategies, LLC.  The program can focus on the top 100 or the top 50 employers, depending on your market size. The program is designed to engage with a business that employs 30 or more.  The program is open to local ownership, franchise or corporate owned business that meet the 30 or more employees level. Recognition and scoring is based on participation, work environment, opportunities and overall employee workplace quality opinions. Nominations can be "open" or "invited" based on specific criteria. There is no cost to the employer or employees to participate in the nominations or voting.


or Invite

We start the experience with “open nominations” or by “inviting” a business or organization with 30 or more employees in the market.  The market can be a city, county or state region. Companies must agree to the program rules of engagement once nominated or as part of agreeing to participate.


Our program is somewhat different from similar programs.  Results are based on employee survey. The surveys are completed online.  We provide each employer with a link that can be accessed from any device.  We don’t ask for email addresses!  The employer emails the link to the employee.  We only ask for the number of employees so we can monitor engagement. The survey takes from 3-10 minutes to complete. All online surveys are conducted free of charge.

Engage Employers

Working with you, we notify companies when they are named as a Top 50 or 100 finalist. The contest provider will receive a contact list and engagement level.  At the same time, we will invite all participants to create a company profile that tells more about the company.  Employers enhance their profiles with videos, job listings, sponsored content, sponsored blogs.

Profiles are required to take full advantage of the program.


We strongly encourage a breakfast, luncheon, hosted cocktail hour or dinner  to celebrate the companies voted Best 100 places to work!  There is also opportunity to produce a magazine or catalog with profiles along with advertising packages! Winners license the logo to appear on their profile pages, websites, recruitment advertising and recruitment materials!  We also offer a portfolio of Golf Shirts, T-Shirts along with all plaques and other POP materials!

We do all of the hard work

so you can focus on your advertiser!


Promote and encourage your visitors to create a free, personal account, share their favorite content and update their details. Our system is designed with your visitors, registered users and employers in mind from the very start.


The profile feature allows visitors to setup a page with a photo and information about themselves, including their favorite employers and reviews.  This is unique to the workplace categories and a great way to market to potential job seekers.


Visitors can log-in with their Facebook or Google+ profile, or create a profile on your site! They add their name, hometown, basic information about themselves, and even their social media links.


Your participating Best 100 employers will be amazed at the level of detail they will be able to specify to target potential employees.  A great way to effectively reach potential recruits! Targeting potential employees has never been this dynamic!

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Catch the attention of your local market like never before!  Learn more at or visit us at!

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